Welcome to the Northwind Arts website which features recent creative art work as well as information about me and my gallery. Click here for a map to my art gallery in Jeffersonville, Vermont. I’m an ecologist and nature lover at heart so in one way or another, all my work is inspired by nature although it may be in subtle or ironic ways.

“The Northwind made the Vikings” is a favorite adage of mine, not just because of my Swedish ancestry, but because it situates humans and human endeavors within their physical world. It has literal and metaphorical meanings which as a writer and artist I like to contemplate. And as a farmer in Vermont, the northwind brings artic blasts that can be a trial to all of us, but especially those who make a living from the land. Winter is one of my favorite times for writing and making art and contemplating my place, both physically and spiritually, in the world. Something, I have no doubt my Norse ancestors did whether they were sailing to distance lands  or taking care of the farm back home.


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